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macOS High Sierra

October 21, 2017

For those upgrading to macOS High Sierra. On my Late 2012 Mac mini, the first attempt failed with it getting all the way through and then getting a kernel panic after trying to log in to High Sierra. After failed attempts at debugging it, I restored from Time Machine to start the process again, this time without File Vault. This succeeded and my guess on this is that FileVault was problematic. I have one more Mac computer to do, and I will decrypt FileVault before the upgrade. The macOS High Sierra upgrade is very time consuming, I am about two days into the upgrade and the FileVault re-encryption is still estimating another day. I have only tested the main applications I use on a day to day basis and things are working except for Google Drive/Backup, but I can remove it, re-install it and re-sync again. The upgrade did not offer me AFPS and I wanted to wait on that a bit. I am always nervous about new file systems and Apple has already had some security fixes for AFPS.